“Let Melissa help you execute a customized nutrition plan”

Melissa Karch, RDN, LD, CLT

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Who do I treat?

Melissa works with patients who have a variety of digestive and inflammatory conditions. She uses many different approaches to get you feeling better! Some of these tools include Medical Nutrition Therapy which individualizes your nutritional needs based on your personal and family medical history, bloodwork, lifestyle, and symptoms to create a personalized diet plan.

She utilizes blood testing such as Micronutrient and LEAP/MRT Food Sensitivity when appropriate. Body composition analysis is also a unique tool she uses to go “beyond the scale” and further analyze your ratio of muscle to fat mass. Melissa will help you to execute your diet plan with menu and recipe ideas as well as education on reading food labels so that you can be in charge of what goes in your body!

Melissa successfully works with: