Weight Management

Our approach to the weight management journey is personalized and we meet you wherever you are in this journey. This applies for weight loss or weight gain. 

There are numerous methods to lose weight and we consider what is best for you based off of your medical history, lifestyle, personality and what has or has not worked for you in the past. There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach to weight loss. We take a comprehensive approach by addressing both physical and emotional barriers to success. We focus on incorporating intuitive eating to help your healthy habits become a part of your daily routine instead of being a temporary diet.

Our state of the art InBody scale (link) helps set weight goals based off of your body composition, not just your height. We can also track changes in your muscle, water, and body fat over time for the most effective results.

The dietitians at Nutrition Dynamix will create a customized plan tailored to your food preferences and unique lifestyle. We focus on real food prepared in simple ways to set you up for success. We have helped thousands of people meet their weight loss goals whether it is 5 or 100 pounds. We focus on sustained, consistent, realistic behavior change and know that your health goes far beyond pounds on a scale.

After struggling to get good advice on nutrition, I finally found Melissa after an extensive research into what I needed. Melissa provides such a good framework to understand and adapt actions to a specific case. We are all different, therefore it was important to be very scientific, fact-based to find the best answer to my personal health issues. After three months, I lost significant weight, added muscle mass, got rid of chronic inflammations, and all my blood tests show back-to-normal levels. Melissa is obviously very knowledgeable, but also attentive, a good listener who taught me a lot about a healthier nutrition. I highly recommend working with her. — Sylvain P., Denver
Body Composition Analysis
Body Composition Analysis
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Medical Nutrition Therapy
Lab Testing
Menu Planning
Menu Planning

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Tips & Recipes

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Thai Shrimp Peanut Noodles

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3 Reasons to know your Body Composition

How can I be healthier, increase my energy, AND look and feel better? These questions often lead to a focus on achieving the perfect weight. Weight loss is the #1 New Year's Resolution for the majority ...

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