Read more about what nutrition clients are saying about Melissa Karch as a Registered Dietitian:

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with Melissa! She has a wealth of knowledge and a real talent with knowing how to calibrate her expertise. Not once did she talk over my head nor waste time with trite diet fad nonsense. She has a thorough command of the science and can relay this information at a pace that is appropriate to her client. After years of dieting and doing my own “research” (Thank you Dr. Google!) I found myself completely confused — Melissa did a great job of setting me on the right path. As long as I keep putting one foot in front of the other, I will reach my destination –all the while enjoying the journey. I highly recommend Melissa to anyone that is looking for sound nutritional guidance!”

Elizabeth S., Longmont, Colorado

“As a healthcare professional myself, I found Melissa excellent as a nutritional dietician with professional and compassionate dietary and nutritional education/counseling. She had great advice for fueling before/after my long runs. Helped to navigate all the false information on the internet and adjust my diet according to my personal goals and current health. Also had my 16 year old meet with her-excellent advice on a level my child could understand. Definitely recommend!”

Jennifer D., Erie, Colorado

“Melissa has been a valuable resource in the scope of my overall health care. She is very knowledgeable and she’s very attentive and helpful in terms of listening, while offering personalized options. She helped me to arrive at a healthy state again after months and months of misery. I’m thankful to have found someone I can trust to really be interested in my care rather than someone who spouts what you can read in mags and try to sell me supplements. She’s the real deal and I highly recommend her!”

Mimi H. , Westminster, Colorado

“I started going to Melissa Karch in July 2016 for gastrointestinal issues. I had been diagnosed with a stomach full of ulcers and needed information as to how to adjust my diet to help heal my insides. Melissa had great info right from the get-go that gave me immediate relief for some of the problems I was having. As my progress continued, we worked together to see how foods were possibly affecting another condition I have called fibromyalgia. Melissa suggested that my food choices could be causing inflammation within my body which could be increasing my chronic pain levels. She suggested the LEAP MRT testing for me. Because the test was individualized to my body, I learned what foods to avoid, which foods to control the amounts I eat, and what foods are safe for me to ingest. While I did experience an intense detox the first few days, I knew this was a sign that my body was full of inflammation and that this new eating plan could change my life. Amazingly, before the detox period was over, my chronic pain levels started to decrease. In fact, after a few days, I went from a consistent 6-7 pain level to a 0-1 pain level in my back. The other doctors I was working with were amazed at my results and all ended up discharging me since the food adjustments were helping me more than physical therapy, drugs, etc..

Melissa has changed my life. Not only has she taught me how to eat for my body, she has opened my eyes to “clean” eating and has inspired me to cook (something I always hated doing). I now read ingredient labels on everything I buy and am very conscience of what I chose to ingest and/or feed to my family. I have told everyone who will listen how great Melissa is and what relief I have achieved from treating with her. I highly recommend her for anyone with physical conditions as well as those who just want to learn more about food and how it affects our bodies. She is a miracle worker!!”

Susan C., Longmont, Colorado