How can I be healthier, increase my energy, AND look and feel better? These questions often lead to a focus on achieving the perfect weight. Weight loss is the #1 New Year's Resolution for the majority of Americans. 

However, weight is only ONE indicator of health. What is the definition of weight?  It is simply the force in which gravity pulls down on your body! When you know your body composition, or what is on the INSIDE, including your body fat, muscle mass, and water content, it can be a much more useful resource. 

The Body Mass Index (BMI), which is a ratio of height to weight. It is the most common weight indicator used, but it is not ideal for many reasons. Have you every heard of the term Skinny Fat? Somebody can be of normal weight, but because of their high body fat content, this puts them at higher risk for many conditions including heart disease, diabetes, and stroke!

Improving your body composition to an ideal range of fat, while maintaining a recommended muscle mass for your body size and type, will help you ensure optimal health!

3 Important Reasons to Know your Body Composition:

  • #1 It helps you to tailor your exercise routine to reach your goals. Do you need more cardio exercise to burn fat or should you focus more on building your muscle mass by using weight or resistance training?
  • #2 Total calorie needs are influenced by how much fat and muscle your body contains. Reaching your ideal goals will help to increase your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) or the amount of calories needed at rest. This means you can eat more while still maintaining your weight! 
  • #3 Weight is not as important as you think! By taking the focus away from the number on the scale and towards a healthy body composition, you will find that you will be less stressed about that number staring back at you! This will help improve your mental health as well!

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