When the clock approaches 5:00, do you find yourself searching for meal options that are quick and easy? Do you want to know what to cook that will help you with weight loss or improved energy, but don't know where to start? Somebody in your family may be on a special diet that requires low salt or an avoidance of gluten.  This can make "What's for dinner?" that much more stressful!

Let me introduce you to my meal planning service.

EatLove is a program that I have been using successfully in my nutrition practice. It allows me to create 100% customized meal plans that fit YOUR individual needs. I use your dietary goals to tailor weekly menus with new and exciting flavors to get you out of your cooking rut. I tailor these meals based on your calorie and nutrient needs, dietary restrictions as well as taste preferences.

My meal plans also include quick and easy grocery lists. This allows you get in and out of the store quickly! Groceries can even be automatically ordered online. Wandering around the grocery store without a plan will be a thing of the past!

Here's what patients are saying...

"Menu planning through Nutrition Dynamix helped me try new recipes and make sure that I was eating meals that met my need for a heart healthy diet. The grocery list helped me easily decide what what I needed to buy and check off what I already had in my fridge. The leftovers were great too!" -R. Stearman, Longmont, CO  

Meal Plan Pricing!


$259/6 months


In the meantime, try out one of MY favorite recipes from EatLove, Turmeric Rice and Beans. This is a quick and easy plant based protein recipe. It's high in antioxidant rich ingredients like turmeric, cherry tomatoes and spinach and offers simple, wholesome ingredients with a fantastic flavor and presentation!